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Jan 24, 2012 - 1 minute read - business news

Saskatoon Entrepreneurship Contest For Prospective Retailers

The Centre shopping mall in Saskatoon is running an entrepreneurship contest for Saskatoon entrepreneurs. The contest is eligible to Saskatoon area residents over the age of 18 who have a business plan and the financial backing to start their business. The winning business must be able to be operated at The Centre.

Prices include 3 months of rent-free retail cart space, a Web Presence Business Starter Plan from BlackSun, and a $500 signage start up among others. The winning entrepreneur will be required to participate in the media campaign surrounding the contest. In many ways, this exposure is probably the most valuable part of winning the competition.

The Centre also has a special entrepreneur contest just for kids. The kids portion of the contest is open to those 17 years of age and younger. Kids need parental consent to enter the contest and may have to submit product samples if asked. The prize for the winner of this competition is a $1,000 RESP.

If you fit the criteria, it’s probably worthwhile to enter the contest. The exposure it brings would be valuable. The deadline for entries is 6pm February 15, 2012. Applications for adults and kids can be found here.