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Oct 4, 2011 - 2 minute read - legal

How To License A Business In Regina

Regina is different from many other municipal jurisdictions because there is a good chance that you will not require a business license to operate your business. The city of Regina explains it this way:

All businesses require a licence from the City of Regina unless:

  • The business is considered a non-profit corporation under provincial jurisdiction.
  • The business operates from a premise which pays commercial or industrial property taxes, with the exception of second-hand dealers, pawn brokers, and coin dealers.

What the second point means is that if your business is operating from a normal commercial business premises, it will not be required to obtain a license unless it conducts the specific business activities mentioned.

As home-based businesses do not pay commercial or industrial property taxes, they will require business licenses. There is an exemption for home-based businesses that do not gross more that $5,000 in revenue as determined by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Home based businesses with revenues above the $5,000 threshold will have to obtain a Resident Business License at a cost of $112.50 for the first year and $225 annually for every year after that.

Non-residents wanting to do business in Regina are required to obtain a Non-resident Business License at a cost of $450 per year.

The business license application process can be completed either in person or by mail. The business license application forms can be downloaded here.